Used 5 Seater Pedicab Rickshaw Bike for Sale!

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This used pedicab is in great running condition. No mechanical problems.

New 5 Seater Pedicabs, a Healthy way to Earn Money or Shuttle the Family!
This sturdy human-powered mode of transportation is entirely eco-friendly. Though it’s lightweight, the sturdy construction makes it safe and pleasant to pedal. It weighs 250 pounds and has a mountain bike 21-gear drive differential system that allows drivers to haul up to 1500 pounds.

We can equip our pedicab with many extras like LED lights, a stereo system, and 65 PSI Maxxis tires. The vinyl seats have extra cushioning for a comfortable ride. The 26-inch tires have heavy-duty steel rims and 36-spoke hubs. The hydraulic braking system ensures a full, safe stop every time.

VIP Pedicabs builds safe, attractive bikes that will offer many years of exceptional performance. We stand behind our products and believe they are the best in the business!
All missing parts will be completed.
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